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PLUG & PLAY is an award winning Short Film and Game for your digital device. Explore the feelings of anthropoid creatures that go beyond sexuality and reproduction: love. PLUG & PLAY is a surreal play with plugs.
"A delightful oddity."
"Oh my goodness, I love Plug & Play."
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"Beneath all the weirdness, it's a surprisingly emotional game."
The Verge

The game PLUG & PLAY is based on the identically titled film by Michael Frei. The animated short received numerous awards and was shown at festivals all over the world.

"A tortuous joy."
Short Of The Week
"Funny, evocative and difficult to look away from."
“What goes in goes out.”
Jury Statement, Animateka 2013
Michael Frei

Michael Frei is a Swiss filmmaker and animator. His works include the hand-drawn animated shorts PLUG & PLAY and Not About Us.

Mario von Rickenbach

Mario von Rickenbach is a swiss game designer and developer. His works include the games Mirage, Krautscape, Drei and Rakete.

Etter Studio